Breath Work

Yoga for Breath Work

Katie helps her students to realize the full potential of breathing through their lungs and nose.  She works with her students to incorporate breath work that relaxes and soothes the nervous system.  She teaches specific breathing techniques to use throughout the day to help reduce stress and relieve anxiety.  Katie will travel to your home or office throughout New York City. 

The breath, or pranayama, during yoga is crucial and one of the essential components to a healthy practice. The breath is important because it brings oxygen to the blood, brain and various organs and gets rid of waste products and toxins from our bodies. In our daily life, we tend to assume positions such as slouching that diminish lung capacity, resulting in shortened breaths.  When we concentrate on something, our muscles become tense resulting in the restriction of breath. As a result, our breath becomes shorter, uneven and we become fatigued from the decreased availability of oxygen and blood. Yoga allows one to bring even inhalation and exhalation through the nose and throughout the body.  This accesses and exercises the capability of the front, middle and back of the lungs.  When we do this, we use 60% more of our lungs.  Breath work can be threaded throughout the yoga postures or done through a practice designed specifically for pranayama practice. 



The nose is for breathing, the mouth for eating.
— Proverb