"Almost 5 years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. It took years working with eastern doctors to build me back up (dietary, supplement, and life style changes). Although I had made great strides, I was still tired all the time and having chronic pain.A friend of mine had suggested reaching out to Katie to start practicing yoga. She knew that I was too embarrassed to take a public class due to how weak I was, and Katie did at home personal sessions. December 2015 will be my 2 years of practicing with Katie. When we first began working together, walking 30 mins left me fatigued and I definitely could not support my own body wait in any type of pose (hold downward dog for 5 breaths- forget it!) Since we started, I have increased my classes to 3-4x a week, I'm completely off my fibromyalgia meditations, and my sleep patterns have drastically improved. I can honestly say I would not be here today if it weren't for Katie's patience, her kindness, her ability to heal, and her ability to really listen to what others need both physically and emotionally. I learned not to be scared all the time, and to trust the process. She is a true healer and I'm honored to share my practice with her."-Devon K., 

"There is nothing quite like starting my week off with Katie's Monday night Vinyasa Flow. Her classes are the perfect mixture of revitalizing flow and peaceful restoration for the body and mind, add her gentle thai massage infused adjustments and your world will be rocked. I'm a boxer and a soccer player so my body is always overworked and extremely tight, Katie has gotten to know my problem areas and pays special attention to them, it's rare that you'll find a teacher who can uniquely connect with all of her clients and their bodies. I thank my lucky stars that I found the oasis of Katie's yoga practice in this crazy city, it's kept me sane and limber." - Annah K., 



"I had considered yoga for many years  but I had never found the time or confidence to take the plunge. Having suffered for years from tight muscles inherited from my father and the odd back injury along the way  it was time to give yoga a go. Katie has made taking the yoga plunge an amazing experience. Her methods  have seen me make progress beyond all expectations, I feel years younger. I am now an avid yogi and I do it every day." T.Taylor

"After having an off and on yoga practice for nearly a decade, I stumbled upon Katie's class at a local yoga studio in my neighborhood. The first words out of my mouth after returning home were "she's the yoga instructor I've always been looking for." Katie is the perfect combination of hands on while allowing her students to find what works for them. She encourages you to push yourself in a safe environment and makes even the most difficult poses fun. Her classes are challenging but you're guaranteed to leave feeling relaxed and carefree.  More than anything Katie has a beautiful heart. She leads her classes with compassion and has a way of making everyone feel welcome and comfortable around her. I can't recommend her enough!"-Ashley M

"Katie always greets her students and learns everyone's name; she genuinely engages each encounter with her elegance, fun warming smile.....PLEASANT.  As an instructor, her teaching is not overwhelmingly complicated with super difficult poses, she has the skills but instead, she adds enough elements to each class for all attendees to enjoy. Anyone can easily follow her instructions with their eyes closed with her soothing voice! Her teaching emphasizes flow, with correct alignment in the poses & includes hands-on adjustment as needed. For novices like me with old injuries and who can be easily distracted, Katie always encourage me ....."you are doing great progress, it will come!"-Felix M