Yoga for Neck Pain


At birth we are born with a primary curve spine shaped in a C that lacks the cervical and lumbar curve.  As we begin lifting our head and gaining strength in our neck muscles our cervical spine develops into the arch we have today. Our lumbar curve follows shortly after.  Recently, I have been seeing more and more cervical spines that have been flattened due to poor posture, and possibly too much time in-front of a computer.  This can result in a Flat Back, Sway Back and Kephotic/Lordotic have a degree of excessive forward curve of the upper back that results in the "dead weight" of the head being perched out over the chest instead of on top of the shoulders, squarely supported by the spinal column. In this forward position, the head's center of gravity lies ahead of the neck's base of support — the top of the thoracic spine. This is like holding an 8 to 10 pound bowling ball several inches out in front of you, instead of holding it close to your body.  Ouch! But have no fear-below are a few yoga postures that can help to strengthen the muscles around the neck, lengthen the pectoral muscles and strengthen your mid and upper back.  Make sure that while you do them that you pull your shoulders away from your ears as well as tilt your chin down slightly rather than stick it out.